About ALterm

ALterm is a multilingual terminology database developed during the process of translating the EU acquis in the Albanian language serving as an important translation tool. The purpose of this program is to have a unified and consistent terminology base for a range of fields, serving as a reliable source of information and reference for translators, institutions working to harmonise the Albanian legislation with the acquis, universities, organizations, as well as the larger public.

The process of translating the acquis consists not only of translation, but also expert legal and linguistic review. In order to achieve as qualitative a translation as possible, each term goes through all the review and evaluation phases before it is added to the terminology database. Thus, the level of review determines the reliability of the term.

The acquis covers a wide range of areas, which means that terms are from many different contexts and fields of science and human activity. This terminology database provides with basic words, legal terminology, terms from different fields and phrases/compound words used regularly.

The majority of terms are accompanied by information on the specific field it belongs to. Occasionally, the same term may have different meanings in two or more fields. Such terms are treated separately by referring to its new meaning. Thus, the same term may have two or more synonyms in a specific field.

Because EU legal acts are translated mainly from English, each new term consists of the term in English, its translation in Albanian and corresponding translations in the other languages where available (German, Italian, French, Latin, etc.), for comparison and to understand them better. In addition to the term in two or more languages, an entry may also contain:

Created on Date the term was added to the termbase
Modified on Date the term was last updated
Domain Field the term belongs to
Acquis Acquis chapter
Context Original text extract with the term in it
Definition Definition of the term in the given field
Grammar The grammatical status of the term
Note Notes, comments and additional iformation
Reference The original term reference or source
Status Term status (preferred, not preferred, to be reviewed, outdated, forbidden)

As one may see, ALterm is a terminology database unlike internet dictionaries and it is linked strongly with the process of translating the acquis. As the process progresses, so shall the termbase be updated and developed. Currently, it contains 18580 entries.

In order to have a streamlined and consistent process of maintaining and updating the termbase, you are free to leave any suggestions, recommendations, comments and questions to the following contact:

The establishment of this database was commissioned in frame of the project Support to Albanian Ministry of Europan Integration (SMEI II). This project is funded by the European Union (IPA 2008) and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMZ) and is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.