How to use the terminology database

A search in the terminology database can be made by entering the search word(s) in the entry field on the left side of the start page. When making a search, the following wildcards can be used: One can enter the search query (in any of the following languages: Albanian, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish) and the program will display the list of hits.

Another possibility is to enter the "#" character followed by a number - in this case data about this entry number will be shown in the central part of the screen. (E.g., by entering "#1" (without quotes) it is possible to see the first entry in the database.)

By clicking + at the selected term, one can see a translation of this term into Albanian, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (where applicable). It is easier to compare similar terms by using this function. By clicking "Expand all" the software will display all translations of all terms on the list.

A click on - or "Collapse all" has the opposite effect: by clicking - at the selected term, the translations of this term will no longer be visible. By clicking "Collapse all", all translations of all terms on the list will be hidden.

A click on a particular hit will display all the data about this word/expression on the central-right side of the screen.

If the user wants to limit the search according to the position of the search word within possible terms, an appropriate wildcard can be used. Suppose you want to find word combinations that contain the word company: It is possible to use a combination of wildcards, e.g., the search query can be: *organi?ation$.

If the search word is not found, the program will switch to fuzzy search.

If you want to check which terms in a complete document exist in ALterm, you can use the TermALog (terminology analyser) program.

Fast search during translation

IntelliWebSearch (IWS) is a free program that allows shortcuts to be made to frequently used search sites (e.g. Google, One-look dictionaries - as well as ALterm and TermALog). IWS also allows you to search local resources (dictionaries on your PC). After installing IWS (this is a very simple operation), it is necessary to enter the following strings in the program settings (IWS. ver. 3):

Shortcut key: Any combination, e.g.: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A (press the keys: Ctrl Shift Alt A)

ALterm can now be used much faster in any MS Windows software: just select the search string, press the appropriate combination of keys on the keyboard or select the desired website from the list. If you select parallel ("Pluri") search, IWS launches any number of searches (almost) simultaneously, which considerably improves search speed.

Feel free to send any comments about the contents of the database, translations, terminology etc. to the terminologist while comments about the program should be directed to the author of the program